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Do you know about the waterproof of the watch?

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      The watch waterproof function relies on the waterproof aprons of the glass, case back, crown and so on, to meet the corresponding standards. There will be word of "watch waterproof" or "water resistant" shown on the case back. If there is no such word, the watch can only bear the dust and needs to be away from the water.

Waterproof Watch

       Regarding the waterproof performance of the watch, the national and international standards clearly stipulates : Any watches marked waterproof has to bear 2 atmospheric pressure minimum, which means 20-meter deep water does not enter the watch. 30-meter waterproof watch can withstand 3 atmospheric pressure, and so on.

Waterproof Watch

      Grade 1 : 30-50 meters is for normal life waterproof (ID : 30M、3ATM、3BAR), which can resist a little water from hand washing, small raining, but can not be lasing for a long time.

      Grade 2 : 100-200 meters (ID : 100M、10ATM、110BAR) can be used for swimming, but only for shallow water.

      Grade 3 : 300 meters and above (ID : 300M、30ATM、30BAR) is suitable for water sports or free diving. 

Notice :

    1. Waterproof level : 30 meters waterproof does not mean the watch can be put underwater 30M, but the watch can withstand 3 atmospheric pressure, and so on.

    2. The watch has to be died if it touches the water

    3. Pls do not use the watch in the bathroom and sauna room, since affected by the temperature, the waterproof aprons will expand, shrink, which will appear voids and increase the aging.

    4. The waterproof function will be affected by aging water aprons or the unexpected hit on the crown / case, so it is better to send the watch to the brand authorized maintenance center for inspection in 1-2 years time.

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