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OEM timepiece manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.
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Many Kinds Of Watch Strap

Nancy    2017-10-23  

Many Kinds Of Watch Strap

Nancy from Shenzhen Giant Watch Co,.Ltd. Let us study watch strap knowledge today. Becasue watch strap has many kinds of pattern, we just study two or three types.

First, the cow strap. Basic is the ordinary leather belt, belt of two kinds of imported Dallas; ordinary leather belt hard texture, coarse texture, gloss is also slightly worse, the price is cheap, from about 30 to 150 of the basic is this, the difference is mainly reflected in the buttons and lining leather, leather with ordinary smooth and embossing two, embossing press crocodile and lizard; basic seagull some lower prices, the Swiss low-end entry-level brand products are used for the belt, the power of Rock Tissot, certina Himalaya and so on, the strap is the only advantage is cheap.

Imported calfskin leather strap greatly than normal on a higher level, soft and delicate texture, especially smooth calfskin belt touch up like a baby's skin, particularly smooth; import Dallas belt pressing out of the flower is more delicate and vivid. This belt features delicate, texture, comfortable wear, moderate price, in the 180 to 400. Tudor Chun Jue cattle leather, leather Hamilton Observatory Mido, railway series, and so are the plum master Observatory is imported leather crocodile pattern pressure belt; seagull 402 barrels, seagull Designer Series 415, Hamilton Zhen thin series and so on are imported leather strap smooth calf leather strap; features are to the traditional, steady feeling; although the texture with crocodile skin, beautiful inferior to the lizard, but the price close to the people, wide audience, is a good choice in the low-end table.

Second, crocodile strap. The American alligator caiman, Nile crocodile, crocodile leather; divided into bamboo pattern (a middle abdomen), circular (on both sides of the abdomen), lines (PAW), paw bone (back and tail); the bamboo shaped the American alligator's most expensive, many top brand watches, such as PP, VC, JL, AP, Lange, Breguet, Blancpain and so on are using this belt to highlight its noble, of course, this tape is expensive, in the thousands or even tens of thousands. Other people are mainly caiman Crocodile Alligator belt. Crocodile belt has the advantages of: Super texture, warm and delicate, thick, especially the grade, can show noble taste, but also very soft, comfortable wear, leather more use more bright, toughness is very good, not easy to crack. The quality is better than in the bamboo shaped circular pattern to the bone claws.

Third, ostrich strap. Some with pores, and some did not touch the pores is smooth; the only advantage is soft and comfortable, fatal weakness is no type, the grade is not high. Regardless of high school and low brand watches, the original use ostrich skin is not yet. Ostrich belt optional color is quite a few, so some of the disc color variety of women's table, with one is also good, moderate price.

Fifth silicone strap and canvas strap. This is not a strap category, and by the way, they are suitable for sports styles. Silicone belt waterproof and sweat corrosion resistance is very strong, and soft, is a good partner diving table. Canvas belt is mainly used for military pilots watch box features, anti reflective, durable.

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