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Which is better, a men's quartz watch or a mechanical watch?


Compared with women, men's pursuit of beauty is lazier. After all, most men are naturally more rational, so men can always think and distinguish with a rational mind when choosing items, such as watches. Men's love for watches is like women's natural pursuit of beautiful objects. So, do you know which men's quartz watch or mechanical watch is better?


1. Comparison of time between quartz watches and mechanical watches

Men's quartz watches and mechanical watches are both watches, but the difference is that there are certain differences between the two in terms of watchmaking and materials. To give a simple example, although a quartz watch is not as complicated as a mechanical watch, it is fortunate that its running time is more accurate. Usually, as long as there is no major bad behavior, the watch will operate normally.


Which is better, a men's quartz watch or a mechanical watch?


2. Comparison of the value of quartz watches and mechanical watches

Although the time of a mechanical watch is not as good as that of a quartz watch, it has a high collection value, especially for some limited edition or collector's edition watches, its value will be higher. This is because the configuration in the mechanical watch is very advanced, and it has very strict requirements on the technical level of the watchmaker, so sometimes a small mechanical watch can be sold for sky-high prices.


3. Comparison of power sources of quartz watches and mechanical watches

On top of that, both are powered differently, which means they'll be worn differently as well. The power source of the men's quartz watch is the battery, and the power source of the mechanical watch is the winding.
Therefore, men who usually wear a quartz watch when they go out generally do not need to consider the problem that the watch will not go out. On the contrary, for those who wear a mechanical watch when they go out, once the watch is not fully wound, the watch has no power source, and it is very common for the natural pointer to stop.


Which is better, a men's quartz watch or a mechanical watch?


4. Comparison of the lifespan of quartz watches and mechanical watches

The service life of the quartz watch is generally relatively short, because the configuration inside the quartz watch is very common, and its accuracy will gradually decrease after 6 to 8 years of normal use. And even a quartz watch that is usually maintained will not have a long service life. However, the mechanical watch can be used for a long time, and the advanced configuration prolongs its service life a lot. Even if it does not take much time to maintain it, it is possible to use it for more than 15 years.


The above is a comparison of the characteristics of the two watches. As a professional watch manufacturer, we have more than 10 years of rich experience and can meet any of your watch needs. Welcome to contact us.

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