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What is the difference between a quartz watch and an electronic watch?


As electronic products become more and more widely used, the use of electronic watches is also becoming more and more common. But quartz watches and mechanical watches still occupy more of the market. As a quartz watch manufacturer, some of our customers still have many questions about the difference between quartz watches and electronic watches. What are the differences between them?


A quartz watch means that the driving part of the watch is driven by a crystal oscillator to drive the mechanical gears, no need to wind up, just add batteries. The electronic watch is a liquid crystal display, there is no mechanical part in it, it is purely electronic. The difference between the two can be seen as one is a semi-mechanical device and the other is an electronic device.


Quartz watches and electronic watches have different energy sources


1. Quartz watches and electronic watches have different energy sources

The quartz watch is timed by an electronic chip, which sends out timing pulses, drives a permanent magnet stepping motor to move a mechanical pointer to display the time, and is also powered by a battery.

An electronic watch is a watch that uses an electronic timing chip to display the time with a 7-segment liquid crystal digital display. More functions. Powered by a button cell battery to provide energy.


2. Quartz watches and electronic watches have different origins

Electronic watches originated in the mid-1970s, with small-scale integrated circuits as the main body, and liquid crystal displays to display the time. There are many display methods, mainly digital displays. In fact, the quartz crystal oscillator is also used as the reference frequency in the electronic watch, but the accuracy is not as accurate as the reference frequency of the quartz watch that came out later.


Quartz watches began to appear in the 1980s. One of the main features is the use of a quartz oscillator with a high reference frequency, which is much more accurate than an electronic watch. The travel time of the second hand of a quartz watch is one grid and one jump, and the travel time is very accurate. Generally, the monthly difference is required to be within 15 seconds. Two needles. A good quartz watch has an error of less than one second per month, which is definitely not a problem, and the monthly error of the best electronic watch is at least a few seconds, and tens of seconds are very common. A battery generally lasts 2-3 years. But some quartz watches use lithium batteries, which have a long service life and can be used for about 7-8 years.


Quartz watches and electronic watches have different origins


3. Shockproof, waterproof, and antimagnetic abilities are different

The shock resistance of the electronic watch is also limited, and it is best not to use it during strenuous exercise. The electronic watch is also highly waterproof, but it should be avoided as much as possible, such as rainwater when it rains. The anti-magnetic ability of quartz electronic watches is worse than that of mechanical watches, so be careful to stay away from magnetic fields.


With the advancement of technology, integrated chips are getting smaller and smaller. The electronic watch and the quartz watch have also begun to complement each other. Some electronic watches also use the mechanical transmission to indicate the time, which coexists with the digital display mode. This can be seen in many styles of some brands. Still, it is actually an electronic watch. . Some quartz watches also use microprocessors to add perpetual calendar functions, but they are not very popular. The purpose of the quartz watch is to use the pointer to display the time, maintaining the characteristics of the mechanical watch.


The above are the three differences between a quartz watch and an electronic watch, and there are many differences in details. I will not give an example here. If you need a quartz watch, please get in touch with us.

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