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How to do quality inspections for custom quartz watches?


A very important part of custom quartz watches is the quality inspection of the watches. Only the watches that pass the quality inspection are qualified quartz watches. How do quartz watch manufacturers conduct product quality inspections when customizing watches? How should you check this batch of quartz watches for compliance when you receive them?


1. How to check the customized quartz watch after receiving the goods?

There are many inspection items for custom quartz watches. The simple thing is the reliability, anti-magnetic performance, shock resistance, and waterproof, or sealing performance of quartz watches, which can be used as a judgment on whether the custom processing of quartz watches is qualified.


How to do quality inspections for custom quartz watches?

2. What is the product reliability of custom quartz watches?

The reliability of use is that the watch must not stop under normal use conditions, the parts must not fall off by themselves, and the dial mechanism must work reliably. The cumulative error of the watch during the pre-running and the average instantaneous daily difference and average temperature coefficient tests should not exceed 10s. When the center of the hour hand and the hour symbol of the watch coincide, the angle of the minute hand deviating from the center of the "12" hour symbol should not be greater than 90 degrees.


3. What are the indicators of the anti-magnetic performance and shock-proof performance of quartz watches?

For watches with the "anti-magnetic" mark, their anti-magnetic properties should meet the requirements of QB/T 1899. A watch without the "anti-magnetic" mark should not stop when placed in a DC magnetic field with a magnetic field strength of 1 600 A/m. Watches marked with "Shockproof" shall have shockproof performance in accordance with the provisions of QB/T 1898. A watch without a "shockproof" mark should not stop and affect its normal function after being hit by an impact hammer with a final speed of 3.13m/s, and the parts, parts, and components of the watch should not be loose or damaged.

4. Does the waterproof and sealing performance of the quartz watch meet the standards?

The waterproof performance of high-quality watches and non-high-quality watches marked with "waterproof" shall meet the requirements of QB/T1897. After the first-class watch without the "waterproof" mark has been tested for sealing performance, there should be no condensation on the inner surface of the watch glass.

5. Is there anything I need to pay attention to verify the appearance of a custom quartz watch?

Pay attention to the appearance of the quartz watch, and no foreign objects visible to the naked eye can be left between the dial and the watch glass. The various words and patterns on the dial should be accurate and clear. The dial and hands should be uniform in color and should not have defects such as flooding, stains, marks, scratches, etc.


We are a custom quartz watch manufacturer with nearly 20 years of industry experience. If you need custom quartz watches, please contact us.

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