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How to properly maintain the mechanical watch?

Fanda    2018-10-09  

Starting from life, seven points of attention(Designer watch suppliers

Whether it is a century-old brand of treasures, or an entry-level level of cost-effective, mechanical watches are worthy of your cherish and care, then how should we properly maintain the mechanical watch?

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Leading watch manufacturers give you some suggestions.

1. Often Wear

Mechanical watches are not often worn on the maintenance of the watch. The mechanical watches are oiled. If the machine is not running for a long time, the gears and escapement will not be evenly and properly lubricated. The increase, the table that does not take place all the year round, there will be more errors when going.

2. Regular maintenance

Usually pay attention not to touch the acid-alkaline things (such as playing soap on the table), do not strongly collide, try to stay away from the magnetic field (such as microphones), do not approach the steam, you can.

For watches with good sealing, the dust is not easy to enter the watch, and the lubricating oil inside the machine is not easy to volatilize and deteriorate, so that it can be maintained once every 4-5 years. If the user is working in a humid or dusty environment, the maintenance time is about two years. In short, it is necessary to be flexible according to the travel time of the table. If you find that the watch is in water, damp, magnetic, and if there is a big error or stop when you hit it, you should clean it in time.

The mechanical watch is to be used for regular oiling. You can do a watch oil maintenance for two years, so that your beloved watch can be as young as you are.

3. Everyday winding

Manually wound mechanical watches, the first use of the recommended manual winding 20 to 30 laps, then it is better to regularly wind the watch every day.

The self-winding mechanical watch is mainly driven by the arm movement, and if the winding is insufficient, the manual winding is added. The well-designed mechanical watch has a full-spindle automatic slip design to prevent the watch's spring from being too tight. Therefore, the clockwork will not be resent for one day.

4. Keep away from the magnetic field

In daily use appliances, microwave ovens, electric irons, fax copiers, electric razors, vacuum cleaners, and even daily mobile phones and computers, more or less will make the watch magnetic, is it terrible?

Note that anti-magnetic is still necessary, especially when you are in frequent contact. For example, you wear a watch to shave your beard at home, use a vacuum cleaner, and some girls' bags are magnet buckles. These magnetic fields are more powerful and will affect the walking time more or less.

In addition, when doing something on the office notebook, it is recommended to take off the watch and put it aside, which will reduce the magnetic exposure of the watch, prevent it from happening, and the wrist is comfortable.

What should I do if the watch is magnetic? It is best to go to the professional repair point to degauss.

5. Even if you hibernate, you should always wake up

If you don't wear a mechanical watch for a long time, remember to have a clockwork at least once a month. If you are an automatic machine, wear it once a month to ensure that it can be shaken. This prevents the internal parts from degrading performance after long-term stationary state, and also prevents the oil in the watch from solidifying.

When you receive a beloved watch, you must keep the box for the protective watch. These protective watch cases can give the watch the safest protection when it is not worn properly, to prevent the watch from being broken or being bumped, so it is absolutely necessary to keep the box, and it is recommended that when not wearing the watch on weekdays. Forming habits into the box can greatly reduce the chance of damage to the watch.

6. Wearing a sports watch is stressful

There are many gears and precision parts in the mechanical watch, so it is very afraid of collision! If you want to play the violent sports basketball football triathlon, golf, tennis, this need to continue the swing arm movement, try not to bring automatic mechanical watch, so as not to damage the machine core.

Wear it at other elegant parties, and watch is a social experience.

7. Waterproof is not equal to drinking water

Referring to the waterproofing of the watch, it means that the waterproof ability of the watch reaches three atmospheric pressures, and it is still not placed in the water at a depth of 30 meters. General waterproof instructions, waterproof 30 meters refers to the general life waterproof, such as water droplets when washing hands, raindrops falling rain; waterproof 50 meters and 30 meters is not much difference; waterproof 100 meters to wash car, shower enough Waterproof 300 meters for shoal swimming; waterproof 500 meters can try to dive 200 to 500 meters.

It should be noted that any mechanical watch that is waterproof, magnetically resistant and shock-resistant is afraid to wash hot water, bath, wash, wash dishes, hot springs! High temperature, hot water, soapy water and chemical lotion will cause the waterproof gasket to age and deform. Or let the surface condense water mist, causing chronic damage. In addition, do not pull the crown in the water, the watch will directly enter the water.Best watch manufacturers in china

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