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Do you know how to maintain the leather strap?

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                                                                          How to maintain leather strap?

The maintenance of the leather strap cleaning common sense, a long period of violent sunlight mapping, will expedite the appearance of the leather strap color, but also accelerate the aging of the leather strap leather, some chemical reagents will also make the leather The color of the strap is discolored or discolored; the leather strap is worn with too much force at the moment, and the crack is easily revealed in the place where the leather strap is often fixed (the greater the leather strap is, the greater the bending rate is, the easier it is to break). The best movement of the strap is cautious and gentle.

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The most jealous of the leather strap is water, which is immersed in water for a long time. The leather strap becomes hard and brittle immediately, and it also covers human sweat. Therefore, a watch with a leather strap must not be used for diving (or doing long-time contact

with water). The prolonged sweat dipping can also change the appearance of the leather strap. In addition to the very hot season, are more suitable to wear leather strap, so people are equipped with two straps of metal strap and leather strap, put the leather strap in the season of cool days, and put on the metal strap in the summer.

The leather strap can be cleaned by gently wiping the belt with a soft, damp cloth and then drying it in a place protected from light and ventilation. Every 1-2 months, use a leather strap protector to wipe the strap. Then wipe the surface with Bai Lizhu (a common leather care agent) to maintain the texture of the leather strap. Improve brightness.


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