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OEM timepiece manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.
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Watchcase processing "Grinding and Sand blasting"

Nancy    2017-09-22  

Watchcase processing "Grinding and Sand blasting"

Grinding, I personally think, is the shell and shell processing of the most important process. A successful watch doesn't just need a successful design, but it also needs to be polished. No customer asks a salesperson to open the bottom of the table and break the entire table to check. The most direct factor that affects them is the appearance, which is the design effect and the grinding effect.

Our company mainly produces steel case, unless the customer has special requirements, we can also address the same branch and alloy case, I will take steel shell as an example, to introduce to you. Here I would like to explain, different materials in grinding methods and processes are different. A case of his process are: the coarse grinding fine grinding, polishing, (sand or sand), and grinding materials used are more complex more, I don't want to say here.

Rough grinding means grinding out of the grain on the top of the shell or adding a work knife to grind it through. Open rough is the most important link, open the quality of good or bad, for the delivery and the subsequent process has a big impact. All of the mill factory, fine grinding and polishing are the same, the main difference is that in the rough opening this link. Most of the mills are made of hemp wheels and light machines. In fact, there are many tools and methods that can be used. Some of the most experienced factory mills is twenty dollars a day, but it can grind watches grade quality, because the company has done a lot of grinding fixture rather than simply relying on the staff's gesture and experience. I am here only to introduce, and, if interested, want to know more about this link, after the activities can meet, talk in detail. Rough grinding requirements: make sure the lines are obvious, shape and size should be controlled, and polished.

Fine grinding is sharpening the work piece. Fine grinding is generally carried out on the motor, the equipment is relatively single, there is no fixture, this process is mainly rely on the staff's gesture and experience. If you rent a good, then grinding here is easier to do, the effect is also better, not easy to mill tired, you can maintain line sense.

After grinding, and then according to the requirements of sand or polishing. Some of the factory to play sand shell, is the first after sandblasting and then sand, some is the first hit on the sand, and then use a fine abrasive sand, re. Each of these two methods has its advantages and disadvantages. The sand can be divided into straight sand, round sand and solar sand. Sanding can also be done as a fixture. I've seen a machine that automatically hits the sun sand. There is nothing to polish, most factories are the same, no different. There is also a sand blasting, some can not be polished to the location of sand blasting.

This is todays watch knowledge. Our comany name is Shenzhen Giant Watch Co,.Ltd, we has own factory, so the technology of "Grinding and Sand blasting" all is very skilled. The quality of watches is also trustworthy !

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