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How long does a custom quartz watch last?


Many people think that quartz watches are too short-lived and not durable. What are the facts? As a quartz watch manufacturer, we custom quartz watches for watch dealers in various countries around the world, and we will also pay attention to whether they encounter problems in the process of selling and using quartz watches.


custom quartz watch


What is the average lifespan of a quartz watch?

The average life of an analog quartz watch refers to the life of the movement. A good mechanical watch can be used for about 20 years, but it needs to be refueled every three years or so. Due to the wear and tear of mechanical parts, they often need to be repaired or replaced, and the travel time error will also increase.


What are the short-term lifespan and long-term lifespan?

Generally, the short-term life of a quartz watch is about 5 years, and the long-term life can reach about 10-15 years. The service life of the watch is closely related to the specific conditions of watch maintenance. If the watch is used and maintained correctly, the service life of the watch can be greatly increased, while if the watch is used improperly, the service life of the watch will be greatly reduced.


(1) Short-term life refers to the exhaustion of battery power, short circuit and open circuit of coil components, gas leakage of the quartz oscillator, damage to CMOS integrated circuit, etc. It can be solved by replacing parts without affecting long-term life.

(2) The long-term life of the quartz watch refers to the wear of the main splint and the small splint hole, which is usually not considered due to the small force on the working size of the movement. However, for the movement with plastic splints and gears, the main consideration is the aging period of the quartz watch. At present, there is no definite data on the aging period of advanced engineering materials, and further assessment should be made. However, the price of the pointer-type brand-name quartz watch movement is cheap, and even if it is damaged, the quartz watch movement can be replaced.


custom quartz watch


Quartz movement: The movement of the digital quartz electronic watch is all assembled by electronic components, and its life is longer than that of the general world mechanical watch, but the life of the LCD screen displaying the numbers is generally about 5 years, and a new one needs to be replaced at that time; The replacement of the display screen is very simple, as long as there are parts, the general repair department can replace it. However, the quality of the parts of the simple liquid crystal digital display quartz electronic watch is poor, and its service life cannot be guaranteed.


There are very few mechanical parts in the pointer quartz watch, and the transmission torque between the parts is only about 1/300 of that of the mechanical watch, so the wear of the parts is extremely small and it is not easy to fail. The life of quartz electronic components can be said to be semi-permanent. Except for changing the battery every 3 years or so, its service life is much longer than that of mechanical watches.

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