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OEM timepiece manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.
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The Luminous hands of the chronograph stainless steel watch

Fanda    2018-11-06  

The Luminous hands of the chronograph stainless steel watch is for the convenience of people's lives, but the reading time in the dark is still

Very troublesome things must be done with other light sources. Of course, the three-question table can partially solve this problem, but intuitively see that time is still

It is one of the important reasons why people like watches. So, some people began to apply fluorescent materials on the hands and scales of the hands and dials.

chronograph stainless steel watch.jpg

It is also convenient to read the time at night. The phenomenon of lady chronograph matter luminescence generally falls into two categories: one is that the substance is heated and generates heat radiation.

Luminescence, another type of matter in which the substance is excited by the absorbed energy and transitions to the excited state (unsteady state) and then returns to the ground state.

Release energy. The use of chronograph wrist watches fluorescent coatings on watches is based on the second principle that fluorescent materials are excited to emit light. Of course, except this Fluorescent lamps such as everyday lighting, televisions, and fluorescent screens on computers are the second type of illumination principle. Traditional fluorescent coating

The materials can be classified into two types: self-luminous type and light-storing type. Self-luminous fluorescent agents are mostly excited by the release of trace radioactive substances carried by themselves.

The fluorescer emits light. The disturbance gradually jumped out of the trap, so the luminescence manifested itself as a long process, resulting in a long afterglow.

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