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Something about zebra wood.

Venus    2018-09-12  

wholesale designer watches suppliers, Zebra wood, also known as Wujinmu, has a gorgeous texture that people appreciate. Mainly produced in tropical Asia and Africa, such as India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Madagascar, Congo, Gabon and other countries. China's Taiwan, Hainan, Yunnan and other places also have production. The wood is tough and not easy to crack and deform.

zebra wood.jpg

wrist watch suppliers,People appreciate Wujinmu, the most original of which is the beauty of its wood grain. The black and the golden silk are intertwined, and the clouds are flowing like water. An atmospheric picture is written on the wood. The texture is like the streaks flowing on the zebra. It is full of movement and brings the wild romance unique to the West African Plateau. Its color is shiny and metallic. The sense of color, dazzling, is a modern wood.

watches supplier wholesale,As long as you use a hand to rub a weight, you will find that Wujinmu is much more sinking than other woods. The hardness and density of this kind of wood are high. In fact, there are many kinds of zebra wood on the market, including large zebra wood and small zebra wood.

wrist watch manufacturers, ZEBRANO Leguminosae; the genus Microberlinia; the species M.brazzavillensis; the market name Zingana (Gabon, Cameroon), Zebrano (UK); mainly distributed in Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Cameroon, Tanzania and Romania Desia.

The bark of the large zebra wood is gray, the bark is cracked, the stripes are shed, and the endothelium is russet; the wood is pale peach brown, yellowish brown; the gap is narrow, regular dark brown stripes; the air dry weight value AD0.69-0.84; Interlaced wood, rough wood muscles; dry shrinkage. It has good workability, but the wood is prone to decay and the color of the wood will fade. It is suitable for flat-cut veneer-musical structures, siding, furniture, flooring, plates, musical instrument structures, etc.


Small zebra

Small zebra wood is a large tree, 23-28m high, 1.0m in diameter, with small roots. There is only one species of this genus, mainly distributed in the equatorial West Africa. Often imported from Cameroon and Gabon.

The wood material has luster, straight texture, fine and uniform structure; hard wood, high strength, easy processing, smooth surface; paint, adhesive, and good nail handling performance. The drying is slightly slower and the defects are less. The air dry density is 0.77 g/cm3. Mainly used for cutting thin veneer, decorative veneer, plywood, high-grade furniture, flooring, shipbuilding, chemical barrels, carving, agricultural equipment, etc.

Large zebra wood distribution

Distribution: distributed in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Cameroon and other places in West Africa. The main producing areas are in Gabon and Cameroon. Sexually wetlands are often distributed in pure forests along the river.

Zebra wood watch (4).jpg

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of African Zebra Wood

The advantage of zebra wood is that the texture is natural and wonderful;

1. In the natural wood color of Wujinmu, the golden and black curves are in front of you, the color is eye-catching and very fluid, and any one of the cut surfaces can clearly express the beauty of the wood grain. Moreover, Wujinmu has a low material extraction rate, hard wood and difficult processing. Therefore, every product made with Wujinmu is full of strong natural flavor.

2, Wujinmu can reach 130cm, the growth environment is special, and it grows in the hilly area with an average elevation of over 1600 meters. The soil surface is rich in mineral resources. The roots of the trees are deep into the mineral layer, absorbing nutrients and water, so the wood contains metallic feel.

3, able to go hand in hand with the wood grain, Wujinmu's wooden structure is also very good. Wu Jinmu, known as the "ninth kind of redwood", is not a name. As long as you use a hand to rub a weight, you will find that Wujinmu is much more sinking than other woods. The wood has a high hardness and density, and its wood structure is similar to that of wenge in mahogany. The pores of the wood are fine, and the wood grain is intertwined and forms a distinctive texture. [1]

Disadvantages of African big zebra wood

1. Like other solid wood furniture, Wujinmu has a beautiful pattern and good hardness, but it also has fatal defects. The change of water content makes it easy to deform and crack, and can not adapt to the environment of too cold or overheating, dry and humid. . Therefore, special care must be taken to avoid excessively cold or hot environments to avoid damage to the wood.

2, Wujinmu is not only unique in texture, but also irritating in temper. In the process of drying and processing, it often bursts on its own. Because it is designed according to the condition of cracking, not mass production, each piece is unique and has the meaning of collection.

3, if Wujinmu is not handled properly or the process is not closed, the wood will be prone to decay for a long time, and the color of the wood will fade.

4, staggered wood, rough wood muscles; dry shrinkage. It has good processability, but the wood is prone to decay and the color of the wood will fade.

Zebra wood watch (5).jpg

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