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OEM timepiece manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.
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How to choose watch band?

Debby    2018-09-28  

If you want to make your own business for watch, Then when you design your watch, The watch band is also the most important part of the whole watch.

As a wrist watch manufacturer in China, Let’s talk some simple difference of the straps.

stainless steel band.jpg

Metal straps

Mostly is Stainless steel material, Stainless steel watches match stainless steel band. The metal strap is strong and has a long life cycle. It can be worn for a lifetime; it will not be stuffy, it will not be hot, and it will be waterproof to some extent.

Metal band is cold, suitable for summer

The length of the metal strap is adjusted to the length of the links, usually not very close to the wrist.

Metal straps are easy to scratch and dirty, It can be polished, but not cost-effective

Metal straps are more expensive. Mostly luxury watch manufacturers will use it.

leather band.jpg

Leather band:

People mainly use Leather straps

Subordinates classified crocodile skin, cowhide.

The belt is relatively comfortable to wear, it will become soft due to body temperature, it will fit your wrist after softening, so it is more chic...but it is easy to be hot in summer, it is easy to be stuffy, suitable for winter band, vintage watch manufacturers will use leather band.

Leather band can not be repaired

silicon band.jpg

Silicon band:

Mostly used for diving watches, as well as sports watches

The metal belt is far superior to the life of the belt, which is worse than the comfort of the belt.

The rubber band is not airtight than the belt, and it is a layer of sweat when it is worn in summer.

Silicone strap can not be repaired, For silicon band, People always find the similar style to match the new watches, If you want to use the band with your own logo, Then The cost for make a new mold of band is really expensive.

nato band.jpg

NATO canvas belt

Suitable for ultra-thin watches, this strap will increase the thickness of the watch by 2 to 4 mm.

Welcome to make your own brand watches !

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