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Causes of quartz meter stealing and stopping

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Quartz watch travel time is very accurate, qualified quartz watch monthly error in less than 15 seconds, so when your quartz watch every day when the difference between a lot of time, on behalf of the watch appeared "steal stop" phenomenon, should be dealt with in time.


Causes of quartz meter stealing and stopping are as below : 

1.Lack of power lead to a stop: the quartz meter is short of power and needs to be replaced. Because the voltage is unstable and the power supply can not be stabilized, the watch appears to be stealing and stopping.

2. To stop stealing by magnetic watch: watches by magnetic watch in pointers meet because magnetic adhesion, the watch appeared skipping situation by magnetic serious or even cause the watch stopped.

3. Bad contact lead to stop: quartz watch circuit boards and other parts of the poor contact situation, watches are also prone to stop stealing.

4. Movement failure leading to stop: if the movement of some gear faults, will lead to the emergence of the watch stopped stealing.

5. Damage caused by axle damage: worst possible cause of damage to watch bearing or watch coaxial stop.

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