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Advantages of Titanium Watch

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Titanium is hard, 30% harder than steel, lighter than steel, and strong corrosion resistance. Titanium watches are very comfortable to wear, because they are different from nickel and not irritating to the skin, even when sweating wear does not affect. In addition, because of its light and hard texture, titanium watches are more durable.


1. Titanium watch is very light

 In order to reduce the wrist burden, the watchmaker uses titanium to make watchcase, titanium is twice as heavy as steel, and many jewelry designers even make big earrings with titanium metal, while the wearer almost feels no weight.

2. Titanium watch can not be urged

   For the expensive watch Jingui, of course, be very careful with the wearer, avoid the bump. But titanium watches can dispel the wearer's doubts. Titanium is 30% harder than steel, very resistant and solid. In addition to tabulation, titanium is also the preferred material for aerospace, aviation, medical and other high-tech industries.

3. Titanium watch never decay

   Titanium also has a very magical application, which is used to make submarines, which is due to the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium. Titanium can be immersed in seawater for 5 years without wire corrosion, and the usual steel has deteriorated.

4. Titanium watch has a variety of colors

   Another advantage of titanium is the variety of colors. Blue, purple, onion green and so on, titanium can change a variety of colors, called the metal sector chameleon. 

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