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How to identify sapphire glass and mineral glass ?

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Sapphire Glass And Mineral Glass

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Sapphire is very hard, is the inevitable choice of top watches. But, like glass, it's brittle and easily broken. Therefore, once the sapphire mirror was broken, so the maintenance cost will be very expensive, because the watchmakers in the replacement before, must be carefully checked to ensure that the movement was left sapphire. In addition, it is a powerful fingerprint collector, so wipe it regularly to make it bright and traceless. Whether natural sapphire or synthetic sapphire, is one of the hardest substances on the earth, hardness up to Mohs grade 9, in nature, in addition to diamonds, there is no more hard things than it. Notice, this is not in nature, not on earth.


Some man-made silicon carbon compounds can also reach 9 hardness, and scratch the sapphire. A lot of building and decoration materials used are silicon carbon compounds, such as artificial stone and so on, so in these places if friction is possible in the sapphire table mirror on leaving scratches.


How to identify sapphire mirror?

1 using the method

On the surface, with a sigh of relief, the fog spreads rapidly to the sapphire crystal glass, usually in the twinkling of an eye when you take your mouth off the top of the mirror, and then you can't see the fog when you look at the surface.

2. tapping method

Use a nail gently on the surface, remember, must be gentle, fake is likely to break it, then you will lose is not good, if the sound boring for sapphire crystal surface, if it is a general crystal or glass, the sound is more clear.

3. drop method

Conditional conditions, drop a drop of water on the surface, and then the surface vertical, water droplets will not disperse, and slowly slipped, must be slow, very slow, slow, this is the sapphire crystal.

How to identify the mirror of three kinds of materials?

First of all, you can tap the mirror and listen carefully. Acrylic mirror will emit a plastic sound, and the sound of the glass is more thick. Secondly, from the weight point of view, the acrylic mirror is the lightest, and the sapphire mirror is the heaviest. Because the sapphire has a very good thermal conductivity, so when you touch the hand, there will be a sense of cold. Because the mirror of sapphire is much smoother than the mirror of the other two kinds of materials, if you drop a drop of water on the sapphire mirror, the water droplet is difficult to spread on it, and other materials will be scattered into one piece.



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