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This article will teach you that how to protect the mechanical watch ?

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How to protect the mechanical watch ?

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                           How to protect the mechanical watch ?

The most common form of mechanical repair, nothing more than water and collision. Mechanical watches unless marked with waterproof function, otherwise must avoid watchcase water, because water will cause mechanical corrosion, destructive force is very strong. The sea is untouchable. Even indicate the water table, also can only have a year of waterproof security, because the table rings after a year of loss, external factors with sweat, dust and various inevitable, will be tired, so after a year must be replaced with new waterproof ring, otherwise not have waterproof function.

Waterproof, but also to prevent collisions. In the range of economic capacity under the may two or three table replacement in daily life: mechanical wear static activities, engaged in sports when wearing sport, so when used according to local conditions, can prolong the service life of the table.

Mechanical watches are driven by mechanical gears and springs, which inevitably cause friction. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate and lubricate parts in order to reduce the wear rate of parts. Or wait until the trouble to repair, often has a very serious problem.

The mechanical watch is best to go back to your home every year and check to see if there is any improper use or inflow. In particular, the hot and humid climate of Taiwan, sweat, rain and dirty air accumulated, causing chronic erosion of machinery, the frequency and extent of damage than Europe and the United States, Japan high a lot, so "check" is very important; then every three years to make a thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance and repair of the insurance agency, to handle the orthodox safe. Internal cleaning must be handed over to professional chefs, cleaning work outside of the main mechanical table might as well do it yourself; with a soft brush with clean liquid scrub watchband, finally rinse with water. Watchcase with waterproof function can be cleaned in this way. Do not scrub the watchcase without waterproof function. The daily cleaning of the external work is very important, because the sweat, dust and even subtle to detect, in fact still continue to accumulate, not be clean, watchband will rust and decay or embrittlement. Therefore, the master is best to wash frequently.

Do you understand about how to protect automatic watch ?

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