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The difference of watch strap, sapphire glass and mineral glass. Why the automatic watch suddenly go away and leave it unstable?

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How many watch knowledge do you know ?

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How many watch knowledge do you know ?


I’m Nancy from Shenzhen Giant Watch Co,.Ltd. We are a professional watch factory, so it’s our duty to popularize some watches knowledge for our customer. Then some unnecessary misunderstandings can be avoided !


Belt, steel, tungsten steel which is better?

At present, there are mainly several kinds of watch band of quartz and mechanical watch. From the perspective of durable, tungsten steel with high hardness and easy to wear, is also more expensive, but more brittle, fear of violent impact. The hardness of the steel band is slightly lower, but the toughness is high. A belt of sweat or chemicals of long-term erosion, will age, brittle, hardened. The belt for fixing ring is easy to fracture deformation. But the belt is soft, light weight, comfortable to wear, and it is not easy to hurt the skin or clothing. From the perspective of style, a strong sense of tungsten band and strip metal, give a person with tough feeling. The belt is more people with elegant impression. In short, there are several watchband features, you can according to their preferences, needs to choose.


Is sapphire glass never worn?

This statement is not scientific enough. No material can ever wear out. It should be "not easily worn. At present, sapphire hardness is mo 9 degrees, second only to diamond hardness 10 degrees, and ordinary glass hardness is mo type 5-6 degrees.

What is the power source of the automatic meter?

Mainly from the wearer's wrist watches, fly swing in the master activities, so as to watch winding, so when the wearer usually have less or do not wear long strings, power will be insufficient or empty, cause or watch doesn't stop and go. Old people and frequent office workers are less likely to wear such watches. In this case, recommend the wearer regularly to watch the manual winding as well.

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Why does the watch wear for a while and suddenly go away and leave it unstable?

Automatic mechanical watches with shockproof ability, but if the impact force is too large, such as vigorously waving wrist, the impact will make spring up together, to watch too fast or even shut down; more impact will let watch hairspring jump off speed damping device, the misplacement of the needle is a fatal impact on the speed control system. Often suffer from great impact, will make winding efficiency, even failure.

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What is "luminous watch"? What is the difference between it and an electric fluorescent meter?

Commonly known as the "luminous table" refers to the nail on the hands or word coated with fluorescent powder, in the dark or light visible hand nail watch. There is also a luminous watch that appeared in the mid 90s to make the entire surface glow with an electric fluorescent watch. The difference between the two is as follows: 1) the luminous watch can emit light by absorbing natural light energy, while the electric fluorescent watch relies on the electric energy of the battery to emit light. 2) the luminous light of the luminous watch can only be seen in the dark light, and the electric fluorescent watch can shine at any time by pressing the corresponding pressing system. 3) the luminous time of luminous table is limited by the time and intensity of absorbed light, and the electric fluorescence is limited by the power of the battery.

Did you understand todays watch knowledge ? If not, pls not hesitate to contact me ! Then I can explain them more clearly !


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