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In the process of watch production, our factory will use CNC machine, Cutting machine and waterproof test machine

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Cutting Process Of Watch Production

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Shenzhen Giant Watch Co,.Ltd is a professional watch factory and have several years of experience, and A variety of equipment and machinery all are very advanced. Such as CNC machine, Cutting machine and waterproof test machine. So our factory watch quality is guarantee and the price also is very reasonable. Our Products Include: wooden watch, bamboo watch, golden watch,stainless steel watch, etc. Now let me explain cutting process for you.


Cutting process: 


Must check whether OK embryo cutting, margin is enough, there is no eccentric, goose. Discover problems at the source as early as possible. When problems are found at the source, some problems can be solved.


Start with the lathe, the car is a way of cutting. When the tool is not moving, the main shaft of the workpiece is rotated. This kind of processing has better finish, faster processing speed and higher efficiency. To facilitate future grinding, the workpiece is machined as much as possible. Round shell lathe processing more, square shell sometimes use special fixture, also can do lathe processing. In the watch industry, there are several kinds of lathes, lathes, lathes (entirely hand controlled), oil machines (widely used), CNC lathes (precision machinery).


Round shells are generally rough embryos, leaving a lot of processing allowance. Square shaped shell and shell, the case of this type is mainly used in engraving machine, copying machine, computer gongs (also called machining center can also call the old Italian computer milling machine, called computer gong processing).


Special-shaped shells are generally fine embryo, plus margin is not like the round shell so much, only 0.2mm. Some embryos come back and drill a few holes to ship. When milling machine, the watch case does not move, the cutter moves at high speed, then the cutter is moved by the shape of the case. With the development of computer aided design and manufacturing technology, CNC is playing a more and more important role. Mastercam, UG, PRO/E, CATIA and so on are all design and processing as one of the design.





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