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The difference of automatic watch and quartz watch.

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Automatic Watch And Quartz Watch

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Types of mechanical watches:

Mechanical table can be divided into manual mechanical table and automatic mechanical table two kinds.

Manual mechanical table: hand chain movement, by turning the watch's head, the watch movement in the main spring full string, through the mainspring completely push gear operation, push the pointer travel time.

Automatic mechanical watches: automatic power chain movement is to rely on the movement within the pendulum weight driven, when wearing the watch will drive the pendulum swing arm to rotate, and drives the table as the mainspring watch chain, push away.


mechanical watch

Types of quartz watches:


The pointer type quartz watch: Quartz energy from silver oxide button cell, after the silver oxide button batteries provide a specific voltage to the integrated circuit.

quartz watch


Automatic quartz watch:


Combines the advantages of automatic mechanical watch and quartz watch. It does not require batteries, the wearer can choose manual uplink or optional charging. It makes the electronic quartz device when more accurate, more than ten seconds to monthly error. It is the principle of the operation of the arm in the table driven dancing the pendulum to rotate and generate energy to drive micro motor internal into energy, so as to provide sufficient power for the quartz device in the table, and the excess electricity can be stored in spare miniature capacitor. When the watch is full of electricity, it can operate continuously for more than 9 days, and does not need to wear watches on the wrist. At present, the Swiss and Japan Seiko is a famous automatic quartz watch.


Comparison of mechanical watches and quartz watches


Characteristics of mechanical watches:

1. Mechanical table travel time table is different from quartz, mechanical watch second hand is uninterrupted walk.

2. Because mechanical table movement complex, travel time error is bigger (depending on each brand) the general allowable range +-45 seconds, the observatory movement error is small, one day's error is normal within -4/+6 seconds. Mechanical watch travel error can not be accumulated, watch for a period of time need debugging.

3. Fine workmanship, easy to use, foot winding can walk more than 36 hours.

4. Long service life of the machine.

5. The appearance is heavier than the quartz watch (depending on the brand), some brands are also very thin, but generally are manual mechanical watches.


The characteristics of quartz watch:


1. When the quartz watch is a second jump, travel time is very accurate, general requirements for month difference in less than 15 seconds, three pin and two pin two.

2. The use of integrated circuit in the machine, the structure is more simple than the mechanical table movement, assembly is very simple.

3. Easy to use, do not need to wind, a battery can generally be used for 2-3 years. But some quartz watches with lithium batteries, long service life, can be used for about 7-8 years.


Comparison of mechanical watches and quartz watches

1. Mechanical watches need to wind / quartz watches, do not need to wind

2. The mechanical watch case is relatively thick / quartz watch case can be very thin

3. The mechanical watch is Automatic/ and the quartz watch is quartz

4. Mechanical table error per second or even dozens of seconds per day, quartz table error per day in 0.5 seconds

5. Mechanical watches cost is relatively high / quartz watches low cost, multi-function

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