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Why do professional diving watches have to be drained?

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Why do professional diving watches have to be drained? First of all, Timepiece manufacturers found the volume of helium is very small, even several times smaller than water molecules.


When the dive watch drops to a certain depth below the sea, the helium will invade the watch under high pressure. When the diver gradually rises, the internal pressure of the diving watch will start to rise higher than the outside. At this time, if the measures to eliminate the helium in the watch are not taken, the case will directly explode.

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The emergence of helium gas discharge valves means that the diving depth of the diving watch has been greatly improved. The structure of the exhaust gas valve is mainly divided into two categories: automatic drainage and manual drainage.


Among them, the automatic sputum valve is the main trend, and the most famous one is watch company Rolex Sea-Dweller and the Breitling Superocean model, both of which are kilometer diving watches. The case on the left side of the case has a drain valve. When the case exceeds a certain internal pressure level, the device can be released from the case through the device without manual operation.

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The manual exhaust valve is made of watch company Omega. Whether it is a 300-meter or 600-meter hippocampus diving watch, the 11-point position of the case has a raised manual drain valve. When the diver leaves the water or reduces it. When pressing, you need to rotate the crown to discharge the internal gas.


However, some people may ask, if there is no lock, will it cause water intrusion? Don't worry! Even if it is not locked, the exhaust valve is waterproof in daily life, so don't worry; as for the diver who wants to dive, it will be checked once, so this problem is easy to solve.

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