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Why can't the hands of a watch be perfectly aligned

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Have you ever come across the problem that the minute hand is not in alignment with the scale, that is, the second-hand points at 12 o 'clock but the minute hand does not point at the next minute?

There are three specific reasons for this problem:



1, watch construction reason


Theoretically, the hands of a quartz watch and mechanical watch can't be perfectly aligned, because the gears inside the movement have gaps.

The structure of the minute hand and hour hand belongs to the interlocking of two gears. The positions of the dividing wheel, the straddle wheel, and the time wheel are relatively fixed. Under normal circumstances, there will be no dislocation or movement.

The second hand and the minute hand, on the other hand, may slip as soon as the crown is pulled out, and over time there will be misalignment.


2, the dial printing error


There are errors in the installation and printing of dial characters and scales, which cannot absolutely guarantee that the scales of each part of the dial are concentric and uniform.

The most important is also the dial below the two dial claws, one is the positioning tolerance of the dial claws, one is the perpendicularity, and then it may have a small radial movement in the machining center.


3. Visual error


Away from the dial, so it is easy to have a visual error.



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