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Something about ebony wood

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top watch companies,Ebony, the Indonesian national treasure wood, is grown on the stone island of Sulawesi, near the equator of Indonesia, in the tropics. Drought all year round, the ecological environment of trees is extremely poor, and the material is slow, which takes hundreds of years.




 watch manufacturing companies,According to the identification of Nanjing Forestry University, the air-dry density is 0.9-1.14, the water is sinking (the density of the material is slightly smaller in some parts), the wood structure is extremely dense, the material is hard and uniform, and the wood black has a grayish brown to light red light color. Stripe, wear-resistant and no deformation after drying, slightly polished after fine polishing, not easy to crack.


oem watch manufacturers,Sun protection against high temperatures. Wooden watches are very afraid of water and high temperature, remember not to put the watch in a hot place, such as exposure, barbecue, hot pot, cooking, etc.


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