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How to distinguish the watch is good or not ? The important is movement good or not, a high quality movement which accuracy and service life are also improved

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Movement is the most important part of watches, watches are the "heart", and its quality is good or bad, determines the quality of watches, good quality, select the core movement, for product quality is essential. Japan's original CITIZEN mechanical automatic movement, its product failure rate of only 5 per 1000, the daily error of + 15 seconds: domestic fully automatic mechanical movement, its product failure rate of 7 per 1000, and the daily error of + 30 seconds. CITIZEN quartz movement is the most widely used movement for many watch manufacturers at home and abroad. The product failure rate is only 3 per thousand, and the monthly error is + 30 seconds. CITIZEN movement in many brands of movement, it with moving characteristics and excellent accuracy to win international and domestic markets alike. In recent years, the quality of the machine made in China has been continuously improved, and the quality is relatively stable



A watch is good, from the movement of the above, you can see the clues. "Geneva marks twelve rule" provisions on the Polish occupied the eight, by grinding can reduce the friction between the internal movement of the parts, but also the stability of the operation, of course, for maintenance is also good. Some of the top watchmaking brands, such as Patek Philippe's movement, have not only been limited to functional requirements, but have also risen to the artistic level.


The movement of the machine after grinding is more stable and reliable, and the accuracy and service life are also improved. A grinding process mainly includes the watch movement, linear, circular grinding chamfering grinding three. Watch manufacturers to get the same style of movement from the core factory (such as the famous ETA) after home, let the mechanic own deep processing, such as plywood carving, gossamer adjustment etc.. Grinding directly affects travel time accuracy and movement stability. So good polish makes the unified movement stand out. That's about it.

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